Friday, November 2, 2012

"Kite Runner"blog # 1 11/2 Nicholas Nowell - Mrs. Owens

I’m 175 pages Into the book and it was a very good book, even though I know what some parts would be like since I had already seen the movie, the book tells you a lot of the back story and uses a lot more descriptive details and explains things in a better way than the movie could. This book is very sad and a rough read, because so many different things happen in this book that are horrible things and should never happen to anyone. From Hassan getting raped to Amir and Baba going to American where they have to start from ground zero, when Baba was already a very successful man in his native Kabul homeland. Another sad aspect to this wild story is the way that people are treated, because they are from a different group of religious people, whether or not they are the same religion and pray at the same 5 times every day they treat Hassan type very less and act like they are a dirty animal some examples of this are that Ali and Hassan live in a mud hut in the back of Baba and Amir’s house and they have to work for Baba and Amir like they are slaves even though they get paid small wages they are just treated differently in that society and even the other neighborhood kids make fun of their Hazara and sonni Muslim background. They get called Flat noses, dirty bloods, several animal names and some very other extremely disrespectful names. All in all I’ve gotten through this book so far just reading in classes and it’s pretty addicting I find that I have to stop at a chapter end, because I don’t want to have to re-read the last few pages and still not get it.

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  1. Wow Nick! Good job! Your blog is very thorough. I am glad that you are enjoying the book and taking your time with it. I ordered the movie from Netflix, so I am hoping it will be there today so that I can watch it tonight!