Wednesday, September 26, 2012

post two- topic four (9/26) Nicholas Nowell period 1&2 Adays

When Eddie dies and goes to heaven, he expects it to be a place where everything is always feeling good and nice. When he actually gets to heaven, he’s in for a rude awakening. Everything is turned and is opposite of what he expected and he realizes that he could have done so much more and he wanted to do so much more than he did. <What I took from that is to not be so hard on yourself, enjoy what’s in the moment (the now) and also live life with the least amount of regrets as possible.> This relates to me, because I always had expectations for myself. Things that I wanted to do and thought I had an idea of how I could do them, I was clueless and now that I have started off the school year on a wrong foot I have to be persistent and dig myself out of that hole until I at least become content with where I am and or feel a sense of accomplishment. This past year has opened my eyes up to so many things. From getting a license to going to summer school, I have come to realize that you are your own person and that you have to go out and do things on your own and make things that you want to accomplish in your life happen. To make these things happen you have to want it inside and talk about how you really feel and become comfortable with the person that you are and work to be content with the  hand that you were dealt with(whether it’s good bad or indifferent). Even if things look okay from the outside, there can be so many things and struggles that you don’t even have a clue about and couldn’t begin to understand. <Whether you thinks it’s a big deal or not, it may be a huge flaw to that person and might be their biggest fear and thing that their embarrassed about.>  Life is all about how you look at things and what type of attitude you go into different things with. For so much of my life my outlook on things has been negative and “What’s this leading in too?” or “What’s the point?” and sometimes that still is my outlook on things, but I can change that and become more positive and attempt to do my best to accomplish my goals and overcome fears. I have been talking a lot with many different people around me and realizing that if you keep everything inside you create a “little prison” inside your head and you blow-up things that may be small and have nothing to do with anything out of proportion. It’s okay to feel sad and it’s okay to be mad, it’s what you do with all that sadness and anger inside that counts. You have to find a way to get it out or “vent” and looking for that may be hard, but once you find it, it will really help you as a person and help you to understand yourself as a person. <Otherwise known as an OUTLET.> How does all of this relate back to the book? You ask.. It all relates back to the book, because I felt that Eddie had regrets with his life on earth and it feels like it would pick at him or haunt him because he didn’t get to get out what he wanted to do.

Monday, September 24, 2012

post one- topic three (9/24) Nicholas Nowell period 1&2 Adays

I almost got hit by a car once, but luckily the person was able to slow their car down and make swift decisions. I am relating this to when in the book the blue man was killed by the car because the main character  as a young child ran out into the street to fetch his ball and made the person in the car have to act quickly resulting in a fatelity.You realize as you get older that, some decisions that you think are small now may actually be huge and affect others around you with out even knowing about it. Luckily in the book "The Five People you meet in heaven" the main character gets to say sorry for it and learn about things he wasn't aware of when he was on earth and still alive. The main character caused the blue man to die, but it didn't faze the blue man, because he knew death was apart of life and i think for the time he had been in heaven he'd learned to frogive and move on.