Friday, May 10, 2013

high school

Football was my life for an entire 2 years of highschool and it was good, but drained me of all my energy. From all the training and lifting to all the running i did. It shaped my body and mind to what it is now and how I make decisions about how I work out and what I eat. I spent 2 summers getting up early everyday and spending my entire day working out with the team and doing everything at the school with the other football players.

Friday, April 26, 2013

i believe essay

I believe in basketball.
It’s a great sport to play and get your energy out. There are so many aspect of the game that take, so much time to learn and understand.  Basketball keeps you in great shape and you have to use many muscles, if you want to play it well.
 From shooting and dribbling, to having the timing and athleticism to leap into the air and grab a rebound. Another thing that is a huge part of basketball and where they will place you because of this, it’s your size and how you are able to move with your size.  Most think that if you are bigger then you should play what they call the “post” position, but a lot of guys today are proving that just because you’re big, doesn’t mean you’re a down low player and can’t do all the things a guard can do.
This newer style for today is called “European styled basketball.” European basketball and American basketball are so different in some many ways, but all the ways still work and can be used to play and beat your opponent.  
To me European styled basketball, is way more technical and the moves a smoother and look a lot cooler than some other styles. European styled also has a lot of foot work involved to play the game and is hard and takes time to learn. To me, European styled basketball also involves less dribbling then most other types, in that you may on take a couple dribbles from the top of the key to get to the cup and lay a bucket in; also you may come around a screen and get the ball and not dribble at all and just spot- up shoot. In my eyes, the European, style of basketball doesn’t really have a center, or down low player. All the players on the team are able to make difficult shots, whether they are extremely tall or normal sized and can all dribble fairly well.
American styled basketball is more athletic and raw and untrained. It’s the type of basketball that is your own style and you play what fits you and what makes you comfort and able to get wins, but putting the ball in the basket. No two styles are the same, because the different players all use different ones in different situations and to get out of them.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I believe in

I believe that basketball is the best sport, because it is fun to play and keeps you in good shape.

I believe in eating a lot of chicken fettuccini Alfredo, because not only does it taste amazing, but it's good for you.

I believe that the gun laws should stay the way they are and maybe become a little less strict, because this is America!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

45 min

The game of ping- pong is made up of extreme skill and a tiny bit of luck. Like tennis there are more any a few ways to return or serve the ball. The most common returns and serves are front hand, back hand, side hand and right to left serve. Ping- pong is not hard to learn, but takes some time to get used to and get the "touch". There are many factors that play into how well you are able to return and serve the ball on servers you can hit it your way starting out which gives you more control on how my how spin there is on the ball and which direction it is heading in. Another factor that is a huge part of the game is whether or not you have a heavy paddle or a light one and how the paddle is cushioned. Also how you hold your paddle and how far away from the tank you stand. You can put many different types of spin on the ball and can make the ball go the ways you want it too, if you know how to use your paddle. There are so many factors that can change the game and the style that you have to play so you have to know counter and know a few different ways to play. To start the game there's a few ways to get the ball from the paddle game to just rallying until you win the rally, that's just to get the ball. Once you get the ball you change the ball every five serves and you, you can serve and score on all you services, but so can you opponent if your not smart and careful. You play the game to twenty-one. One thing that happens a lot is called a net ball, it's usually on services and the serve is redone if that happens. If a net ball happens during the rally in the game and it goes of the net and the other person can't return it it's counted as a score.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

bosten bomb reflection

138 injured people
3 people that died- 8 year old boy among 3 dead
8 in critical condition
injured were mostly to the lower extremies and organs, also some had busted eardrums
the bombs were 14 seconds apart and were between 50-100 yards apart, towards the finish line
caught on video and many pictures taken
saudi national was injured, but complied and is still being questioned
all cell phones shut off
the bombs were in bookbags and there were supposedly 5 more bombs that didnt go off
the entire block was locked down quickly after the event

Friday, April 12, 2013

vocab #4

Police are usually affiliated with the law, whether the are on or off or even under-cover.  
They are usually trying to do something or ascertain something. 
When they finally achieve attainment, there job is to just write a report about it. 
Some police are more cogent than others and some times get into trouble, because of it.
Many police are regarded as very esteem and they make good decisions.
If you get arrested, by the police and you are the one they arrest your later going to attempt to get your record expunged
Even the police are finite and have bounds, they aren't supermen as much as they would like to be and act like they are.
Although many people that the police deal with think that they are invulnerable.
Police are usually very malevolent and determined to get the suspect.  
Some police though, are very nonchalant and laid back. 

book/movie #3

Its 11: 30 P.M, I am very tired and feel extremely sick and weak. I haven't eaten in three days and only have had a pint of water. It is very cold, but I can't light a fire, for the Gestapo will see it and check it out. Even as I complain about all these things that I need to just barely survive, the one true thing that I'm missing and that my heart yearns for is my beloved piano  or any piano for that matter, just so I can pretend to play the sweet, soft, ivory keys. As I sit in this room on the fifth floor in this building freezing, I finally crack and get out of bed to look for food, even though I know there is nothing there. I first look in all the cabinets and then I look in the the shelf above the sink and as i open it a hinge breaks, all the plates and bowls filled with absolutely nothing come crashing out and break into a million pieces on the cold, dank wood floors. At that moment I hear a loud scream and start to panic. Not knowing what to do or who's out in front of my door I answer it because i hear a loud knock. i walk out to a heavy set blonde that is pro Nazi yelling and demanding questions from me. When she finally asks for my I.D i stale until the last second then dash off into the cold snowy night.