Friday, April 12, 2013

vocab #4

Police are usually affiliated with the law, whether the are on or off or even under-cover.  
They are usually trying to do something or ascertain something. 
When they finally achieve attainment, there job is to just write a report about it. 
Some police are more cogent than others and some times get into trouble, because of it.
Many police are regarded as very esteem and they make good decisions.
If you get arrested, by the police and you are the one they arrest your later going to attempt to get your record expunged
Even the police are finite and have bounds, they aren't supermen as much as they would like to be and act like they are.
Although many people that the police deal with think that they are invulnerable.
Police are usually very malevolent and determined to get the suspect.  
Some police though, are very nonchalant and laid back. 

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