Friday, April 12, 2013

book/movie #3

Its 11: 30 P.M, I am very tired and feel extremely sick and weak. I haven't eaten in three days and only have had a pint of water. It is very cold, but I can't light a fire, for the Gestapo will see it and check it out. Even as I complain about all these things that I need to just barely survive, the one true thing that I'm missing and that my heart yearns for is my beloved piano  or any piano for that matter, just so I can pretend to play the sweet, soft, ivory keys. As I sit in this room on the fifth floor in this building freezing, I finally crack and get out of bed to look for food, even though I know there is nothing there. I first look in all the cabinets and then I look in the the shelf above the sink and as i open it a hinge breaks, all the plates and bowls filled with absolutely nothing come crashing out and break into a million pieces on the cold, dank wood floors. At that moment I hear a loud scream and start to panic. Not knowing what to do or who's out in front of my door I answer it because i hear a loud knock. i walk out to a heavy set blonde that is pro Nazi yelling and demanding questions from me. When she finally asks for my I.D i stale until the last second then dash off into the cold snowy night.

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  1. Good! I could picture this scene as you were describing it!