Friday, April 12, 2013

book/movie #2

A lot of bad things go on in the film, from the time that the movie starts til it has ended there is a complete 180 degree change. Every character in the movie is a human and some of the ways these other humans were treated by humans is terrible, from being sent to work/ death camps to being killed on spot in the street out in front of there home, to having to hide and run and be treated how the slaves were just to barely survive and evade hunger. Yes, this film attempts to break away from the theme through the interactions of the main character getting helped a lot from others that were/ weren't his kind and him coping with the terrible situation by using music ( the piano) and having a discipline and reserved attitude. Yes, the film does show that there were good non-Jewish Germans that did want to help and did help. In the book, the Jews seemed alone but in the movie it was like around every bad corner there always seemed to be a little light of help.

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