Wednesday, February 20, 2013

10 vocab words

Ninja are very adroit, not only were they Japanese, but they were Buddhist which is a religion that requires much self-control.
They are also amicable and the first ninjas were farmers, by day and "ninjas" my night.
During the day these " ninjas" were hard working rice patty farmers, but by night they were belligerent ninjas.
Ninjas were like the benevolent robin hoods of there time and protected there people from unfair governments.
The farmers worked very hard during the long days, which made them build up certain muscles and when the farmers started becoming ninjas they were very cursory and quick moving.
Duplicity was a common trait among the "ninjas," but only because they were formed into this by the unfair and hard ways of their own government.
The common people extolled the ninjas, because they would help to change things for them.
The ninjas wanted to make it feasible for the common person to live a more comfortable life style.
The reason ninjas worn masks was to hide there grimace looking faces.
When the ninjas government wasn't satisfied with the work they were doing, by day they would send soldiers to create holocausts and torturer the people.