Tuesday, October 23, 2012

final blog of 1st quarter 10/23 Nicholas Nowell - Mrs. Owens

i had a very rough work quarter, and started out on the wrong foot, so the rest of the quarter has been a keep- up game. what i think i did well, when i turned something in it was the best that i could have done at that point and time. what i think i didn't do so well was staying caught up with the work and getting the requirements done when they were supposed to be done. i think that after the first quarter once i get my act together  and not being as stressed as i was with football, i will be able to get things in on time and they will seem more quality and seem like i spent more time on them. my goals for the second quarter are to get everything turned on time for the classes that i have and if i'm aware of a project that's due, do it to the best of my abilities and get an early start on it, so that i'm not rushing and hurrying to get something done the night before. i also think that i struggled with asking the questions that i needed help with, because i was asking questions they just weren't the right ones that needed to be asked to make sense in my head.

2nd quarter goals

-turn assignments in on time
- make sure there quality and to the best of my ability
- ask questions; to get better and learn which questions i need to ask to understand things more
-get 3.0 or higher
-get a job
- start projects when you get them and finish them before the due date

Monday, October 15, 2012

"the things they carried" nicholas nowell 10/15/12 post #2

i am almost finished with the book and have loved it. one character that i seem to relate to a lot is Norman Bowker, which is was a real person but in previous books was covered using a different name, but because of some events that took place the author got permission to finally use his real name and tell the story that really happened, without the extra "storyline" b.s he told it how it really was this time and in other books that the author wrote he may have borrowed bits and pieces and then made the rest up but this is the real and true story of what happen. i enjoy the way that Tim O'brien writes and i under it well and it seems to get through to me. my favorite chapter of this book is "Speaking of Courage" its a extremely deep chapter and its real life, it shows that things don't always turn out the way you want them to and sometimes shit happens and it doesn't go your way.the reason i liked this chapter so much is because of the way the author descirbes and goes about telling the story of Norman Bowker. and up to this point you only know little things about the characters and its really all a mytstry until you get to that next chapter in the book and then you start to put the pieces togather and understand it all.

Monday, October 8, 2012

"the things they carried" nicholas nowell 10/8/12 post #1

after reading 50 pages of this book, i have liked it and can relate to a lot of the feeling that tim O'brien is expressing. i am having a hard time in life finding a purpose and point to things. i've done a lot and been very spoiled up to this point in my life and now that its time to start doing things on my own, i cant find the motovation to get up and do things. they have always been done for me and im scared to even try to do them. this drives me crazy inside and it has created a little prison in my head and how i think about any subject and just daily life. i saw a post on facebook early today and it was "you can live life, or you can exist" and at this point in time i was to just exist because i feel that i dont have a purpose. and having all this self pity makes me seem like a weak person and that is probly., very to to a certain degree but i just cant get out of my ways of thinking and even though that i am venting on here its just not enough and dont know what else to do besides drive my self crazy worrying about stuff that cant be changed and a bunch of things i filled my head with for a long time and now am starting to believe it and second guess and question things. once again i am sorry for having to post about my "stupid" little problems, but there big in my head and i wont be okay til i get past them.