Tuesday, October 23, 2012

final blog of 1st quarter 10/23 Nicholas Nowell - Mrs. Owens

i had a very rough work quarter, and started out on the wrong foot, so the rest of the quarter has been a keep- up game. what i think i did well, when i turned something in it was the best that i could have done at that point and time. what i think i didn't do so well was staying caught up with the work and getting the requirements done when they were supposed to be done. i think that after the first quarter once i get my act together  and not being as stressed as i was with football, i will be able to get things in on time and they will seem more quality and seem like i spent more time on them. my goals for the second quarter are to get everything turned on time for the classes that i have and if i'm aware of a project that's due, do it to the best of my abilities and get an early start on it, so that i'm not rushing and hurrying to get something done the night before. i also think that i struggled with asking the questions that i needed help with, because i was asking questions they just weren't the right ones that needed to be asked to make sense in my head.

2nd quarter goals

-turn assignments in on time
- make sure there quality and to the best of my ability
- ask questions; to get better and learn which questions i need to ask to understand things more
-get 3.0 or higher
-get a job
- start projects when you get them and finish them before the due date

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  1. Wow! You have a solid plan in place. I truly appreciate that. I will give you one piece of advice: please be sure to proofread all your writing and follow basic writing conventions when you publish your blogs. I know you are not going to be an English major (bummer), but you need to be sure and capitalize and punctuate correctly. I look forward to seeing your true ability next quarter!