Wednesday, December 12, 2012

"Black and blue" Anna quindlen #3

Bobby comes down to Florida, when he finally found out where "Beth" and Robert were and during Roberts soccer practice he goes to "Beth" and Robert's apartment and first just talks to "Beth", but then gets physically violent with her. He beats her up as she tries to get away numerous times. He finally hurts her to the point where she is knocked unconscious. After she is out of the way bobby goes to Robert's soccer practice and gets Robert. She doesn't see or hear him from the two of them, until one day when she has a new life with Robert's former soccer coach and another child. Robert was just standing on the street corner and the he saw his Aunt Grace, who is "Beth's" sister. This was a very unexpected way to wrap a story up. I thought for sure that "Beth" would have been killed along with the people around her and thought that If Robert would have talked back to his dad, father would have killed him too and then killed himself, but my prediction on the ending of this book was way more violent and I'm glad that it turned out the way it did instead of what I predicted. I am left feeling that Robert got the worst of all the situations, because not only did he have to move in the first place, but then he was moved again, when his father came to get him back. "Beth" situation at the end of the book seems better, but you knew that there was a part inside of her that was still missing and would always be until she got into contact with her son Robert again.i think the author chose to end this book with was, because it was very unexpected and was a good trick to play on her readers and made that book a lot more interesting and light hearted in such a serious subject, and what could have happened instead of what happened. I'm glad that "Beth" was able to start a new life and become happy, but I'm also sad that Robert had to be taken out if the equation for quite some time. Overall it was a very interesting book and I could have never predicted this ending. In that sense it was an awesome book!

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  1. I'm glad that you enjoyed it. Good job getting caught up!