Tuesday, December 4, 2012

"Black and Blue" Anna Quindlen #2

I'm on page 110. Robert is the son and so far he's just a young boy that loves both of his parents and was aware of what was going on in his fathers household, but didn't think it could really happened and almost didn't believe it was happening even though it was. When his mother Fran or "Beth" left she got help from a outsider named Patty, they arrived in Florida to a little crummy apartment, where they are going to stay awhile. "Beth" is always worried that Bobby her husband will come after them and also that she's going to run out of money that, she only was provided with a certain amount and its starting to run low. They arrive there 3 weeks before school starts for Robert and "Beth" enrolls Robert into school and she is surprised that they already have his school transcripts and they know to look out or are aware of a man named Bobby that asks for a kid named Robert. On Robert's first day of school he takes the bus to school and then "Beth" goes to the school separately to check the route and everything out. When she gets there it's hard for them both, because they aren't used to the change yet. She starts talking to a woman and they seem to kinda of click when they first start talking. Robert and "Beth" have evolved and become selfless and even though it is and will be hard it was the best decision in the long run of both of them. My prediction, for Bobby, who is the perpetrator is that he will come around in the next few pages of the book and will find "Beth" and will beat her and then take the son, Robert and threaten to kill him, if she doesn't come back. Then someone else will get involved and Bobby will " accidentally" kill that person and have to try to cover it up while trying to force "Beth" to come live with him again or he will kill there son. That's just what I think is going to happen. I feel so bad for the victims, Robert and "Beth" they have to run and rearrange there lives because there father/husband is crazy and abuse to his spouse. I think that in the end "Beth" will kill Bobby and they will have to move somewhere else or move back to there original home and restart there.

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  1. Wow - you have some pretty specific predictions! Good job.