Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A long way gone: memoirs if a boy soldier." blog # 2

After a long struggle of being with the RUF, Ishmael's lieutenant releases the boys to UNICEF, but it's almost at a point where it's too late because all the boys are brainwashed and addicted to different drugs, but then Ishmael meets a woman that later becomes his foster mother and she helps to bring him back to reality. He ends up getting an opportunity to go to New York City to tell his stories to the United Nations. Later returning too Sierra Leone, after his uncle has passed, but with the war still going on it caught up with him and he is put into a position, where he has to flee to Guinea where he makes his way back to the United States. Yes, even though my prediction was very broad it was right on. I think that the over all tone of the story was triumph, and even overcoming some of thee toughest situations. He views it as a learning experience and is grateful that he got helped and out of that terrible situation. This book had some extremely rough subjects, but that way that he presented these terrible events always made it seem like he has hope and wasn't going to give up until he took his last breathe.

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